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“Real Stories from Real People”

iwins logoThank you for your willingness to share the IWINS program.   We have created this program with all of the information and details you need.  Below you will find a sample agenda and all of the materials necessary to educate your audience about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Open the Leader’s Guide and spend about 10 minutes familiarizing yourself with the material. Read over the contents, open the PowerPoint and check out how easy it is to use. Powerful testimonial videos of young people sharing their own experiences with prescription painkiller addiction are embedded within the presentation, so be sure you have your audio turned on. We’ve also included two optional quizzes with answer keys. You may print these out or discuss them orally. Please be sure to print out a copy of the Speaker’s Notes to guide you during the PowerPoint presentation. You may want to print out the Leader’s Guide and keep it handy during the presentation. You will also want to print out a copy of the pledge for each participant and a feedback survey.

When you are ready to present to your group, just start the PowerPoint! Encourage participation and discussion because the more engaged your group is, the greater the impact of the material. When you have completed the presentation, please take a moment to fill out our survey and let us know about your experience.

Will you have an internet connection during your presentation?
If YES, use this version of the presentation:  PowerPoint Presentation (may take up to 3 minutes to download)
If No, download and then save this version of the presentation:  PowerPoint Presentation (large file size, please be patient as it may take 30 minutes to download)

Also, please print out necessary materials in advance.

Materials to be Printed
Speaker's Notes - (pages 3-9)
Group Discussion Guide (page 10, 1 per leader)
Quizzes - (pages 11-12, 1 per student)
Quiz Answer Sheets  - (pages 13-14, 1 copy)
Pledge  - (page 18, 1 per student)
Optional Role Playing Scenarios - (pages 15-17, 1 copy)
Feedback Survey


  1. Welcome audience
  2. Explain the IWINS name: I Wish I Never Started
  3. Begin PowerPoint Presentation 
  4. Take the Pledge as a group
  5. Use support material: quizzes, discussion guide and role playing scenarios, as time permits
  6. Close by reinforcing these concepts:
    • Prescription painkillers are - to your brain - identical to heroin.
    • Addiction is a disease: treatable, but even more important, it's AVOIDABLE. While trying prescription drugs is a bad choice, having an addiction is a disease NOT a moral failing.
  7. After presenting IWINS educational program "Its's Your Choice," please take a few short minutes to fill out the Feedback Form so we can make our program even better!